Public Loss Adjusters in Aberdeen

If you need an Aberdeen loss adjuster, then Public Loss Adjusters Scotland can in most circumstances provide a free service for you. If your property has been damaged by a situation beyond your control, including a flood, fire, in a storm or through impact damage, then you can contact us for a fast response time within Aberdeen. We handle claims for all types of property damage, business or home, with each treated with the same importance.

We can send our recommended expert contractors to you within four hours of your initial contact. This ensures that your property’s damage is mitigated quickly and is stopped in its tracks. No upfront payment is required, as we will make sure that the repair work is covered within your entitlement by your insurer. We understand that this may seem too good to be true, but it really isn’t – all work is indeed free to you, especially if you allow us to appoint our preferred contractors to repair your property. If you would prefer, we can also offer you a cash settlement with a small fee of 10% + VAT.

The contractors we recommend cover all aspects of property damage, so there is nothing that they cannot repair within your property. Even if the property has been flooded, or has fallen victim to a fire, all damage can be stopped from getting any worse and repaired just after you contact us – this is so the repair process can be as short as possible and leave as little downtime to your home or business as possible.

Every Claim Is Treated As Urgent

We know it is important to get back to your life quickly after an incident, and so we will never make your claim any longer than is necessary, and we will treat every case in Aberdeen with the utmost urgency, with every case being solved as quickly and as hassle-free to you as possible. This also comes with the guarantee that you are never left in the dark by us, as we will always keep you updated on the progress of your claim, especially when we make progress. These calls will be frequent as we care about keeping you informed.

We can negotiate your full entitlement for you, without you having to go through complicated processes by contacting your insurer. By leaving the claim to us, we can make sure that you receive your FULL entitlement after your property has become damaged, then our expert contractors can begin the restoration work proper while we arrange for alternate accommodation with your insurer.

Contact Our Aberdeen Branch Today!

We understand that it may be difficult to find a claims assessor who works for you, as very few work for the public exclusively, but with Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, this has been made easy – just contact our Aberdeen loss adjusters branch on 01224 478 888, where we can cover the entire AB post code area. If you need to, or know someone who needs to, make an insurance claim, appoint us as your loss adjusters so we can help you with your case.

We work ONLY for the Scottish public, covering Aberdeen and 20 other post code areas, so you know that you are in safe hands no matter where you are.