Domestic Home Insurance Claims

Offering You Help With Domestic Insurance Claims

Home insurance claims can often seem complicated and sometimes overwhelming. Public Loss Adjusters Scotland can take over that responsibility, leaving you to concentrate on other important matters.

When you submit a valid claim to your home insurance provider, your insurer will appoint a loss adjuster to assess the damage and then report with a recommendation of the costs to repair your home. This loss adjuster is paid for by the insurer and as you are not a specialist in insurance related matters, how could you possibly know if the settlement they offer is based on a fair assessment?

By appointing Public Loss Adjusters Scotland as your personal representatives, we work on your behalf to ensure that not only are you offered a fair settlement, you also receive all that you are entitled to as stated within your policy.

Different Types of Damage To Your Home That We Can Help YOU With

We provide a helpline, with free help and advice tailored to any individual property related insurance claims when your home has been affected by various forms of damage, including:

  • Flood Damage
  • Malicious Damage
  • Water Leak Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • A Theft or Break in
  • Subsidence
  • Storm Damage
Get In Touch With Public Loss Adjusters Scotland and Receive The Complete Loss Adjusting Service

We offer a complete loss adjusting service when you need it most, making the process of submitting claims on your home insurance seem easy and painless. By appointing our loss adjusters, you can guarantee that your domestic insurance claim will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly.

We can provide our claims management and loss adjusting services at no cost to you in most cases with no sacrifice to our high quality service. Please feel free to call our specialists on 0800 0435 999 / 0333 5779 999 where we will be happy to help. Alternatively you can get in touch through our contact us page.

Flood Insurance Claim Help

If you need to make an insurance claim after your home has been damaged by flooding, choose PLA Scotland for specialised experience and knowledge.

Fire Insurance Claim Help

If you have suffered from a fire and need to make a claim on your insurance, appoint Public Loss Adjusters Scotland to ensure that you gain a fair evaluation of your property.