Fire Restoration Specialists

Has Your Insurer Asked You To Obtain A Building Repair Quote For Fire Damage?


In the event of fire damage to your property, many insurance companies are now asking the policy holder to obtain a couple of insurance repair quotes from local builders. Once you have taken into consideration any hidden damage that is not immediately visible such as melted electrical wiring and water damage from extinguishing the fire, the problem is that most local builders do not have the extensive fire restoration experience to offer a building quote based on the REAL extent of the damage.

As a result of this, your final settlement could be much lower than the amount actually required to reinstate your property to its pre-loss status. So what can you do about this? When you opt for our free loss adjusting service, our loss adjusters know exactly what to look for to ensure that ALL fire damage is identified and reported to your insurer which will then reflect on your final settlement.

Public Loss Adjusters Scotland also utilise a nationwide network of building repair specialists who have the specific knowledge and experience in dealing with fire damaged properties ensuring it is restored back to its original state in the shortest time possible.

Public Loss Adjusters Scotland Offer To Complete Service From Start To Finish

Public Loss Adjusters Scotland provide a thorough fire restoration service. From acting on your behalf to speak to your insurer to the completion of restoration, PLA Scotland promise you service that you will be more than satisfied with, while making the process easy and uncomplicated for you.

Our loss adjusters have extensive experience in evaluating fire damage, finding all the small details that need to be reported to your insurer. This, in the majority of cases, will ensure that you receive your full entitlement in the event of fire damage to your property. This is in addition to ensuring that your property is restored to the way it was previously and in a timely manner so you have minimal time spent away from your home.

Do you need Fire Restoration Services?

If you are unlucky enough to suffer a fire within your property, we realise just how difficult it can be to deal with the situation alone. As many insurers will now ask you, the policy holder, to obtain quotes from local builders, we believe this to be UNFAIR ON YOU as you will have other important matters to take care of. The chances are you will not have any experience in this matter so why should they be the project manager for your insurer when we can do this on your behalf and at no cost to you?

By taking advantage of one of our preferred specialist building contractor networks, you can gain our expert loss assessing services for absolutely free. We believe that after suffering fire damage, you should not be left to deal with surmounting costs. For this reason, we offer our services free with our expert partnered contractors, while we offer you the same quality negotiations on your behalf that you would expect from us.

Fire Insurance Claims

If you have suffered from a fire and need to make a claim on your insurance, appoint Public Loss Adjusters Scotland to ensure that you gain a fair evaluation of your property.

About Public Loss Adjusters Scotland

Public Loss Adjusters Scotland arose from an increasing demand from the Scottish public for fair loss adjusting and faster response times.