Flood Restoration & Water Damage Repair Services

Water Damage and Flood Restoration Services

It is becoming a standard practice for insurance companies to ask the policy holder to obtain 2 quotes from local building companies to repair any flood or water damage to your property. How do you know if the builders are specifically qualified for this type of work? Should you even be project managing something that you have paid your insurer to do anyway? Leave it to the experts – Public Loss Adjusters Scotland.

We can manage your flood insurance claim and reinstatement work at no cost you.

Flood and water damage can be devastating for your property. There are a variety of causes, including a burst pipe, leaky boiler or an overflowing sink, as well as extreme weather conditions infiltrating the home. Water damage can often go unnoticed as it can be almost invisible to the naked eye, but if left for too long, it can build into large problems.

For this reason, it is essential that you employ a loss adjuster who has extensive knowledge and specialises in flood restoration. A PLA Scotland loss adjuster will ensure that all water damage is detected on the first survey. This may just prevent you from having to attempt to submit another claim for the additional damage after the first insurance claim has been closed, it may be too late by then!

Do you need the help of a Specialist Flood Restoration Company?

PLA Scotland has experience working with a network of contractors who specialise in restoring your home after you have suffered extensive water damage. We offer our loss assessing services for free when you use one of these recommended contractors to complete your flood restoration work for you.

These contractors are specialised companies who have had years of experience dealing with water and flood-damaged properties and who are qualified to BDMA and IICRC standards. They ensure that your property is repaired in a very timely manner, so you are not left out of your home for any longer than you need to be.

Utilising the latest drying and detection technology is imperative as work to reinstate your property cannot be completed in a wet and damp environment. Another major factor to take into consideration would be to identify how far into the structure of your property the water penetrated.

In order to assess this, it requires a highly trained eye from an experienced loss adjuster who is used to this type of damage. Your insurer’s loss adjuster may be trained and experienced in general property claims but why risk them missing something that may be picked up from one of our loss adjusters who are specialists assessing water damaged properties?

We believe that by choosing our services you are making the right choice that is based on your interests rather than your insurers. Why not give us a call today?

Flood Insurance Claims

If you need to make an insurance claim after your home has been damaged by flooding, choose PLA Scotland for specialised experience and knowledge.

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When you need to make a claim on your home insurance, we can help you to restore your home quickly and efficiently.