Flood Insurance Claims Help And Advice in Scotland

Do You Need Help Submitting An Insurance Claim After Flood Damage?

If your property has experienced the effects of water damage due to a flood or even a leak, we are here to help. With Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, we are here to ensure that YOU have the knowledge of our experts working on your side. We can take over any negotiations with your insurers and can even manage your flood insurance claim on your behalf at no cost to you.

With over 65 years combined experience between our loss adjusters, we will make sure that your insurance claim is dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Our services will allow you to concentrate getting your life back on track after the event of a flood. We can even arrange alternative accommodation for you if it is covered in your insurance policy.

We Are Experts in Water Damage Insurance Claims Negotiations

Flood and water damage can devastate an entire property and the contents within it, rendering possessions ruined and unusable. It can be a huge undertaking to clean up, with a large scale cleaning operation needed before any reinstatement work is even considered.

For this reason, we work in partnership with a network of preferred restoration companies, which allows us to offer a flood damage repair service alongside our excellent insurance claims management service. This combination allows us to manage everything on your behalf, from initial contact to the completion of restoration we are by your side throughout.

Public Loss Adjusters Scotland work hard on your behalf, leaving you to deal with other important matters

PLA Scotland know exactly what to expect from insurers and this allows us to work on your behalf, so why not leave your water damage insurance claim to us? We can arrange everything that is necessary. Why take things to chance by allowing your insurer to inform you of your entitlement without the informed knowledge to assess it by yourself? Without our help, you may suddenly realise that once your claim has been settled, you may have been entitled to more than you actually received!

Water Damage Repair Services

One of our preferred water damage restoration companies is a nationwide flood restoration company with a wealth of experience in restoring flood and water damaged properties.

Free Loss Adjusting Services

We are here to ensure that you receive the same, if not better quality representation that your insurer would receive. The different is that we are protecting YOUR interests.