Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are experts who ensure that you can secure your full entitlement when you need to make an insurance claim. It doesn’t matter if you have dealt with a flood, fire or impact damage to your property, regardless of whether you run a business or the damage has occurred at home, we are able to help you by taking care of your claims completely for you. All Scottish people are able to reap the benefits of our services, so let us know if you are ever looking for help with your insurance claims.

With a loss adjuster working for you, you can benefit from insider information of the insurance industry, which means that when you claim on your insurance, you are not confused by the small print of your insurance plan. Our loss adjusters will assess your losses fairly to guarantee that you get what you need to get your life back on track in the event of severe destruction to your household.

We Take Action Within Four Hours

We will even send our preferred general contractors to your property within four hours of your initial call to begin damage control. This is due to the fact that we know the importance of fast action in the event of damages to your property – it is vital to keep your home as clean as possible and to clean any contamination away promptly. This includes both smoke and flood damage, as smoke damage can be dangerous to breathe in and flood damage can lead to spores, which are detrimental to your health.

A local building contractor may not have the skills or practical experience to repair the usually invisible smoke and water damage – this is why these experts make use of specialised machines such as extractor fans and thermal imaging cameras to discover all damage that has to be repaired. We leave nothing to luck – this is why we make available to you a comprehensive solution incorporating alternative accommodation and certificates of satisfaction, authorized only when you are pleased with their level of work.