Public Loss Adjusters In Paisley

If you are a resident of Paisley and have recently suffered from property damage, which is often caused by floods, fires, storms and impact damage, then there is help at hand. Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are here to help you with your insurance claims and make them easy and uncomplicated for you.

We can also supply our own contractors to repair your property, so you are never left with the cost of finding your own builders. Our contractors are fire and flood restoration specialists, so in these events you will receive fast response times (within four hours of your initial call to us) as well as an initial damage control service as we contact your insurer. This ensures that your home is far easier to repair.

Our Loss Adjusting Is Free

Our services are performed at no cost to you, and only in your interests – we only work for the Scottish public and so you know that when you appoint us, we will be working for you exclusively. Our services can be performed at no cost to you as we are loss adjusters, so the insurer pays our fees – you can also take advantage of the services of our expert contractors to repair your property, saving you the hassle of finding separate builders.

If you require a cash settlement instead, then our services will cost you 10% of the final settlement plus VAT, so you are never left out of pocket by having us negotiate with insurers on your behalf. In addition, we will ensure that you gain your FULL entitlement without any hassle to you.

Contact Our Paisley Branch Today!

We understand that it may be difficult to find a claims assessor who works for you, as very few work for the public exclusively, but with Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, this has been made easy – just contact our loss adjusters Paisley branch on 01475 321 138, where we can cover the entire PA post code area. If you need to, or know someone who needs to, make an insurance claim, appoint us as your loss adjusters so we can help you with your case.