Storm & Impact Damage Repair

Storm and Impact Damage Restoration

We realise that Scotland’s weather can often be unforgiving. Storms are not uncommon and it may be the case that your home can become damaged by various elements including high winds and heavy rain. Roofs have also been blown apart by high force winds ripping at the roof tiles and the combined water damage has led to properties becoming seriously damaged as a result. Fallen trees have also caused serious damage to properties.

If this happens to you, it can often seem like there is nowhere to turn, but we can help you in this situation. By appointing our preferred contractors to assess your property while we go through the insurance claims, we can ensure that your insurance claim is resolved and your property is repaired to our high standards. Our storm claims management services are also free when you use our preferred contractors to restore your property.

Has your home suffered Impact Damage?

Fallen trees and errant vehicles colliding with the property are the two most common causes of impact damage. These events are uncontrollable and are out of the hands of the property owner – once these incidents occur, it is important that access to the area is restricted until the specialists from your hired contractors have assessed the situation fully. After this assessment has been completed, restoration work can begin on your property and you can have alternative accommodation arranged if required and covered with your policy.

After suffering impact damage to your home, it is important to call us as soon as possible to appoint us as your loss adjusters. Our professional advisers at Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are here to help you take care of your insurance claim on your behalf every step of the way. We make the process uncomplicated for you so you gain the best service possible.

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